Barsebäck Dry Gin

Barsebäck Dry Gin is a premium gin that boasts a bold and vibrant citrus-forward flavour profile. Our gin is distilled using only the finest botanicals, carefully selected and blended to create a truly unique and exceptional taste.

On the nose, Barsebäck Dry Gin delivers an immediate burst of bright citrus aromas, alongside a hint of warming spice. On the palate, the citrus flavours are front and center, with the juniper and our variety of botanicals providing a subtle floral backdrop.

Barsebäck Navy Gin

Barsebäck Navy Gin is a bold and sophisticated premium craft gin that will elevate your drinking experience to a level never encountered before. Crafted with the finest botanicals, this gin boasts a powerful and full-bodied flavour profile that is both citrusy and complex with a refined peppery finish.
Being the big brother of Barsebäck Dry gin, the extraordinary and full-bodied notes of Barsebäck Navy gin are derived from an unique blend of carefully selected botanicals at such a high concentration making it a bold yet refreshing and well balanced experience that is perfect for mixing in cocktails or savouring on its own.
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