Curious on who we are and why do we do wat we do?

Let me tell you a story…

From Founder
We began by crafting what we considered to be the ultimate expression of gin, a creation perfected without any limitations.

Subsequently, we extend the joy of this meticulously crafted product to friends around the globe, inviting them to partake in our journey
Fredrik Borggren
Founder & Master Distiller
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Our Story
Crafting Perfection: From Beer Brewing to Distillery Excellence

In the heart of our journey lies a passion that began with hops and barley, an artistry that started with crafting the perfect pint. We are proud to share the story of how our beer brewing roots evolved into a visionary distillery, driven by an unwavering commitment to delivering the perfect taste.

It all started in a small, home brewery where friends gathered to share laughter and savor meticulously brewed beers. Those early days were defined by experimentation, learning the secrets of ingredients, and understanding the alchemy that transforms grains and hops into liquid art. As the days turned into years, our connection with the craft deepened, and our desire to explore new horizons grew stronger.

The spark ignited when we realized that our understanding of flavors, gained from years of brewing, could transcend into the realm of spirits. Thus, our journey from beer to distilled excellence began. With an unyielding dedication to craftsmanship, we set forth on a path to create spirits that echoed the same passion that fueled our beer creations.

As the copper still replaced the brewing kettles, an exciting transformation began. Each small batch was a labor of love, carefully distilled to capture the essence of the ingredients and the spirit of innovation that defined our roots.

But crafting the perfect taste is more than just about the process; it is about the stories that each sip tells us. Our commitment to quality will never waver, and the pursuit of perfection will remain our guiding star. 

Today, as you hold a bottle of our handcrafted spirits, you hold the culmination of years of experience, a blend of heritage and modernity, and the spirit of two worlds coming together. We invite you to savor not just the flavors, but the journey that led to this exceptional creation – a journey that started with a love for brewing and evolved into a commitment to distilling excellence, all for the pleasure of delivering the perfect taste.

Our Distillery

The heart of what we do- in the heart of Barsebäck

Barsebäcks Bränneri stands as a beacon of dedication to the craft of gin-making. What sets us apart is our passion for crafting the finest gin, an artistry that unfolds within a compact space of just 25 square meters.

The centerpiece of our operation is our 300-liter copper still. This traditional yet refined instrument forms the core of our distillation process, where artistry and innovation converge. With each batch that we meticulously create, we are driven by an unyielding commitment to producing gin of the utmost quality.

This dedication to excellence extends to our production process, where every step is guided by skilled hands and a passion for perfection.

Small batches are our canvas, allowing us to focus on every detail. Through this deliberate approach, we ensure that each bottle leaving our distillery carries the mark of true craftsmanship, reflecting the care and attention poured into its creation.

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